Friday, August 05, 2005

You know?

You know when you just try to, you know, accomplish something that, you know, you are really needy to do? You know, I'd say you are a plate of shit but, you know, sometimes we have to face things the way they are, you know? And, you know, when we come to these situations in which we would laugh the hell out of us, you know, we become a little... stupid. But just a little. You know, stupidity is not that bad after all. Some headbangers actually are happy into their small crazy world, you know? And, if you try to... you know, change stuff without any warning, things can get pretty ugly, you know? And... sorry to be bothering... I just wanted to sound like a stupid teen, you know? I've just found that it's really necessary to study a lot of vocabulary to sound stupid. But I don't care... you know, the pope is a crazy fucker.

"He must have lent it to the pope!"


Anonymous Juuu said...

Falando desse jeito me lembra muito aqueles rappers de filme! hehehe.. Mas Não vale um 8miles da vida..

( Ei..o que é "Lent it"? Aprendendo inglês com Mr. Lisbão..)

Eu gosto de comentar em Blogs.. de vez em quando vou dar as caras aqui para dar um ibope no seu novo blog!
Bjus Boboca!

7:26 PM  

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